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Grp Fibreglass

Advantages of a GRP Flat Roof
Durability and Strength: Most fibreglass roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years once they have been installed correctly. Flexibility: Choose from a variety of trims to suit the roof build. Materials can also be easily cut to suit the shape of the roof. Waterproof: Has no seams

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Green Roof

  • Instant living roofs that will look great for years to come

  • Easy installation and very little maintenance needed

  • Improved thermal and noise insulation for the living space below

  • Cooler living spaces in hotter months

  • Filtration of air pollutants providing better air quality in built up areas

  • The local wildlife new habitats and regular food source

  • Help balance urban humidity and CO2 levels, helping your town or city adapt to climate change

  • Enhance property values - whether you rent or sell your house, a green roof is a feature people will be happy to pay fo

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